What are few best jobs for freelance writers to earn a good sum?

What are few best jobs for freelance writers to earn a good sum?
What are the few best jobs for freelance writers to earn a good sum?
If you think there are no great-paying freelance writing gigs out there anymore and it’s all $5 blog posts, I’m here to spread some sunshine.
Find great-paying freelance writing gigs to earn a good sum, check out my list of a dozen top niches.
All of these niches have two things in common, so let me call out those two key items first:

Look for complex topics

This one cuts across all the categories below. If you want to earn well, stop writing about parenting/travel/yourself/pets/books and all the other things everyone on earth can easily write about, and tackle difficult topics few writers can manage.
That continues to be where all the money is. If you can write about surety bonds, advanced washing machine technology, trends in shower-curtain materials, new energy efficiency technology, that sort of thing? You can name your price.

Bigger is better:

 Want to earn more? You need to start pitching bigger clients who have bigger budgets. Yes, I know you’re scared. But writing for bigger clients is actually easier and more fun. Successful enterprises tend to be less dysfunctional, better planners, and more focused — and they’ve got experience working with freelancers that can make your job easier.
Now that I’ve got you thinking of niche topics and bigger prospects, what types of writing are set to earn well?
Here are my predictions and a break-in tip for how to get going in each market:

Case Studies

Wherever companies sell a complex product or service, they need customer success stories to help describe why their solution is the best one in the marketplace. I’ve seen writers get $1,000 for their first paid case study, after writing a single sample.

White papers:

 Anywhere you find a business with a complex product or service they sell to other businesses, there are white papers. Rates range from $.50 a word to $500 a page and up.

Longform blogging:

 Have you noticed blog posts are getting longer and more detailed? Yes, marketers have learned Google hates short posts and rewards sites that have more in-depth information. 
  1. Fortunately, that means a great opportunity for writers to earn more in blogging, as blog posts increasingly become more like articles.

Brand Journalism

These articles are usually overseen by an experienced editor, and you report the story like you would for any magazine or newspaper. The catch is the ezine content is there to get the brand name in front of consumers.

Annual reports:

 Along with their cousin the corporate social responsibility report, annual reports continue to be fat projects that can pay $5,000-$10,000. I’ve seen annual reports that easily top 100 pages — and if they like your work, this can be a nice repeat gig, every year. 
  1. More and more companies are feeling the need to do social responsibility reports to document their sustainability, human rights record, and more, particularly at public companies, so this is a growing niche.

Big national consumer magazines:

 Reports of the demise of print have been widely exaggerated. Yes, there’s a lot of change going on, but some magazines are still going great guns and paying over $1 a word.
Trade Publication

These low-glamour industry-news pubs don’t get pitched a lot, and are usually desperate to find someone who can help pharmacists, restaurant operators, or convenience store owners wring another dollar of profit from their business. 
  1. As a result, pay tends to be good — $.30-$.50 a word at the low end, up to $1 a word or so.

Video Script

You’ve probably noticed that video is booming, from internal company announcements to welcome videos on blogs to video sales letters. It’s a great opportunity for you former TV and radio journalists, playwrights, screenwriters, and anyone else who writes for aural media to cash in.

Web Content

If you can write an online sales page that gets your clients more revenue, you will earn well. I know writers who charge $2,000 for a long sales page.

Marketing Emails

All those people who predicted email would die are looking dumb about now because email marketing continues to be one of the top ways blogs and brands reach customers and sell products and services. 
  1. I know writers getting $250 per email and more for autoresponder sequences or marketing campaigns.

Book ghosting for CEO’s

: Forget the regular folks who’re hoping you’ll write their life story, or the people advertising on Craigslist that they want an e-book written for $200. There’s real money in ghostwriting for busy, successful CEOs, coaches, motivational speakers, and other thought leaders.

Online Courses / E-learning:

 This niche is huge — $107 billion globally, plus another $50 billion in self-paced e-learning courses, according to an elearningIndustry.com report. And talk about a global opportunity in every language — the three fastest-growing country markets for online education are India, China, and Malaysia. Much of this work is done by agencies or freelanced directly to writers and designers.
Hence, the opportunity for freelance writers in this niche, as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would say, is huge.
To sum up, don’t believe the negativity out there, that all freelance rates are through the floor. There are still great-paying freelance writing gigs — if you know the types of writing that are in demand, and the clients that want you.
This is all about what best jobs for freelance writers to earn a good sum, what you need is make an effort and boost your freelance writing gigs.
Next question comes from where you could find the high paying gigs, for this go with freelancer marketplace like TruelancerFreelancerUpwork and many more in this list.
Create your account there which is free and start sending a proposal. Using this platform for gigs and earn as possible as you can.
Hope my answer will help you to decide where you can start. If any doubt and something you want to share please ping me in the comment section.
Happy to help.
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