What are the advantages of trading account?

A trading account allows an individual trader to buy and sell securities or assets. Here are some of the advantages of a trading account.
a) Operate with a single Account: Trading account provides the flexibility to invest in a large number of financial instruments. You may invest in equities, insurance, fixed deposits, government and corporate bonds, mutual funds, and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Additionally, you may trade in derivatives through this account. Therefore, you enjoy the convenience of investing in multiple products through a single platform.
b) Control over investment: In the world of online trading, every second count. A delay in buying or selling stock could mean a loss of thousands or even lakhs. A trading account eliminates the need for an intermediary. You can take care of your investments on your own if you so wish. You can also easily track all your trades and investments here.
c) Instant corporate action credits: Corporate actions like a bonus, splits and dividend payments become a lot simpler in online trading. The outcome from such corporate actions is automatically credited to your account.
d) Instant transactions: A trading account functions in the same way as your current bank account would; it, in fact, links up to your Demat and your bank account. It works to sell your shares in the market by withdrawing it from your Demat account and crediting the money to your bank account within regulatory timelines.
e) Accessibility: With an online trading account, you can access your account from any device and keep a check on updates or alerts. With browser or app-based trading platforms, trading accounts can be accessed through a computer, laptop, smartphones, tablets, or any other smart devices.
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