Top Valuable Skills You Can Learn to Be a Better Freelancer

Top Valuable Skills You Can Learn to Be a Better Freelancer

The today Internet world is growing day by day, and everyone wants to make own career into the freelancing. Everyone wants not to do the daily office jobs, morning rush, boss cribbing etc.
Start your career as a freelancer, you can start with the skills you have, your area of expertise and experience you have in your field.
You can earn both the ways either with the existing skill you have or you will enter yourself with new skills. Now the question is freelancing within which skills you can start from which you can make more money.
Top Valuable Skills You Can Learn to Be a Better Freelancer
Top Valuable Skills You Can Learn to Be a Better Freelancer
Here is the list of highest-paid freelancing skills to learn.

  1. Blockchain Development -

By the results at the end of the year 2017 blockchain engineering was second among the most demanded skills in the labour market (specialists in robotics was in the first place) in the world.
If you start your freelance career as a blockchain developer then you're approximately earning would be $100 per hour and it would increase by the time.

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2. Web Developer - 

Its again a very bid field begin a web developer. Web developers are found working in every organisation like large corporations and governments, small and medium scale companies or can work as a Freelancer. A web developer may work for one organisation as a full time, may work as independent consultants or as a contract from some hiring agency.
Basis skills must have been as a web developer are -
  • Usability and Interface design.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.
  • Must know about programming/coding/scripting languages like PHP, JAVA, ASP etc.
  • online marketing and search engine optimization.
There are three kinds of web developer specialization:-
  1. Front-end developer / Reactive Development - It deals with the layout and visuals of a website. Its again a big field to start freelancing and earning would be $25–$40. You can choose this as a separate field.
  2. Back-end developer - It deals with the functionality of the website.
  3. Full-stack developer - It will program in the functions of a website that will collect data.
You can choose a web developer as a freelancer -
Currently a very high demand for a web developer with a short supply of web developer. You can start as a freelance web developer.
A freelance web develops earn around $25-$40 per hour initially.

3. Accounting -

 Everyone’s freelancing these days – accountants and bookkeepers included. And why not? You can now deliver high-end services at a fraction of the cost, from your home. The margins can be solid, and it’s a good way to start your own accounting firm.
Accountants used to need a lot of corporate-level infrastructures. This included things like archive space for paper files, expensive software packages, dedicated servers, and meeting rooms. It also took a lot of human resources to do all the clerical work – entering data, filing documents, and maintaining journals.
And that was just to do the basics of tax and compliance. It required even more time, effort, space and people to offer payroll services or produce good business management reports. With online accounting software, a single home-based freelance accountant can now do all of this on their own.
Earning potential is $40–$50 per hour.

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4. Social Media.
Probably the one thing on this list you would have to train the least for would be to manage the social media campaigns for a company. If you have an eye for creating and curating compelling content, your skills can be directly applied with managing social channels.

5. Node.js Development -

 Node.js is one of the tops used technology framework which is used being in IT and Software industry with over 47.1% of developers preferring to use it.
Node.js is comparatively new to the game, so a lot of time you'll be breaking new ground with it. It's not a bad thing though, Node.js has learnt from the mistakes of other languages (including PHP, .NET, or Java), and had little legacy crud.
To start your freelance career with this shill, I would suggest you to -
  • First, acquire skills in technologies such as Node.js to get hired in product-based companies.
  • Showcase your skill in the form of projects and portfolios. As this will show your real talent.
  • Then appear for freelance work to award the project.
Earning potential is again $25–&40 per hour. 

6.Blog Writing. 

Fancy yourself a writer but have never picked up a pen? That’s fine—most of the content online these days is crap, so you should have no problem getting writing gigs. Kidding, only kidding! The best way to become a good writer is to write.
Top Valuable Skills You Can Learn to Be a Better Freelancer
                     Blog Writing. 

No one will pay you at first, but if you practice enough it will only be a matter of time before you have the writing skills necessary to create blog posts or Copywrite for other clients. WordPress, Blogger or Medium are just three of many free platforms to hone your craft.

7. Andriod/IOS Development -

 Approximate skilled Android developer freelancers of India charge average $30–35 per Hour, but female freelancers earn 11% less compared to the men at the same work. Most Indians charge $2 less than global freelancers.
Average Indian female freelancers earn an average of $17 per Hour and males $19 per Hour. Most Indians work with their clients, average 7.5 hours a day and 37 hours a week. Mostly Indians developers are interested in working with Asian clients.
There are three types, categories of freelance developers.
1. They are charging low and have not experienced, who are working on $20 per app cost.
2. Charging medium and have experienced developer with limited skills, who work about $100 - 200 per project.
3. Charge high and have the experience, who works with high payment of almost $1000 per project.

8. User Testing.

You can make $30/hr for testing out apps and websites, without having to learn any extra skills. You’ll need a certain type of smartphone or a laptop in order to do it, but other than that you pretty much just need to show up, do whatever is asked of you, and collect your money.

9. Digital Marketing - 

What does the digital market manager? Who takes the responsibility for improving the brand, traffic, reputation, earning, and potential of a website, they are digital marketers. They are set a website when that comes to online firms.
Digital marketers fresher can earn up to 15,000 - 20,000 per Month. Experience digital marketing managers are easily earning 25,000 - 2,50,000 per Month.
There is various field in Digital Marketing, you can choose your interest in a subject such as -
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Content Writer
  5. Email marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
All play a different role in their field you can choose anyone and start your freelancing career in this. You can easily find freelance digital marketing projects.
Every passionate digital marketing manager makes revenue above to INR 1 - 2 lacs. Mostly newbies earn above to 20,000 a month.
Last but not least to start freelancing career you need a best freelance marketplace, Now, I would like to share some freelancing marketplace where you can start your freelancing career TruelancerUpworkFreelancer and many more. add to the list but these are top once to starting your freelance career.
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