the top best feature of the PUBG game

the top  best feature of the PUBG game

Not long after its main competitor Fortnite came to iOS devices, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released a mobile version as well. Available to both iOS and Android users and requiring no special invite codes at launch, PUBG Mobile seems to have taken off as one of the more popular battle royale mobile games on the market, and for good reason.
PUBG Mobile features a lot of smart gameplay tweaks compared to its counterparts that help it feel very natural on mobile devices. But while these changes seem to have been made with the mobile version in mind, they could also be used to improve the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds experience on PC and Xbox One as well.
Here are five ways the Xbox One and PC versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can learn from PUBG Mobile.
Automatic Sprinting
PUBD game translates the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds experience to mobile devices so well by streamlining a lot of things from the main game. This includes sprinting, as PUBG Mobile allows players to sprint automatically and indefinitely in whatever direction they desire. This may not seem like a big deal to someone who doesn’t play a lot of PUBG, but anyone who regularly plays the game can attest that a lot of time is spent running. This can be tedious, so it would be nice to have an automatic sprint option so perhaps players can do something else when those kinds of situations arise.
Automatic Upgrade Looting
One thing players are always doing in PUBG is looting, and PUBG Mobile makes the process much smoother by, once again, streamlining it. PUBG Mobile has an automatic looting feature that will instantly pick up any upgrades in the nearby area, assuming players are close enough to them. This means that players with a level 1 backpack will automatically pick up a level 2 backpack, or swap out their weaker helmet for a stronger one.
Besides automatically looting and equipping upgrades, PUBG Mobile improves the looting process is another keyway. Whenever a player is killed in PUBG, their body disappears and is replaced by a brown box that holds all their gear. Thanks to the game’s colour scheme, it can sometimes be very difficult to find these boxes, but PUBG Mobile makes it easier by marking them with glowing green lights.
PUBG Mobile has drummed up some controversy for its use of bots for players’ first few games. This seems to have been a tactic to ease players into the mobile battle royale experience, but nevertheless, “winning” fack chicken dinner rubbed fans the wrong way. Now, that’s not to say bots, in general, are a bad idea. In fact, it’s easy to see how they could add to the PUBG experience on other platforms.
Bots could give players the option to play the game completely offline if they so desired, or play in private matches with just their buddies. The bots could also allow less-skilled players to get in some practice and potentially improve their game before taking on real opponents. As long as bots don’t invade the core PUBG game modes, it’s hard to see a downside to bringing them into the game.
Log-In Bonuses
One common criticism lobbed at PUBG is its poor rewards system. Players are given some BP, PUBG game in currency, at the end of every match, which is then spent on crates that often yield lacklustre cosmetics. While PUBG Mobile still has lacklustre rewards in many regards, one thing it does that other versions of the game may want to emulate is its use of daily log-in bonuses. Daily log-in bonuses encourage regular activity and stand as yet another way to reward players for the time they’re spending with the game.
One final way the PC and Xbox One versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could learn from PUBG Mobile is by adopting its Missions. PUBG Mobile gives players added objectives through these Missions, which come with additional rewards and encourage different styles of play. Simply put, Missions could give players more to do in PUBGbesides just going after the Chicken Dinner, and could potentially lead to a more rewarding gameplay experience for some.
PUBG Mobile is far from perfect, but it definitely has some good ideas. Whether or not any of these well-received features and improvements in PUBG Mobile are adopted by the PC or Xbox One versions of the game remains to be seen, but with PUBG being a continuously evolving experience, it’s certainly possible.
What PUBG Mobile features would you like to see added to the PC and Xbox One versions of the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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