How to maximize wealth through share trading?

Here are a few tips that will help you accumulate wealth through shares:
Invest for the long haul:
Compounding is a very powerful and understated concept. When you invest for the longer term, it helps you accumulate significant funds and aids wealth creation. Historical records show that stocks in the long term in most cases tend to have an upward trajectory. Stocks have performed better than most other investment instruments in terms of long-term financial returns. Additionally, a longer time horizon allows you to rectify any investing mistakes you may have made.
Avoiding losses is more important than sizable returns:
For true investors, avoiding losses should be the first priority; even over generating investment gains. Long term success in investing comes from making consistently safe long-term investment decisions. Successful value investors minimize the risk of big losses by investing at a discount to a company's intrinsic value. They may not always get market-beating growth, but if they can minimize losses (and the need to recover from those losses), they'll need less growth to meet their investing goals over time.
Patience is the key:
Patience is one of the key components of becoming wealthy in the stock market. Before investing in a stock, a good investor should do his/her research about the company. Investing is about being patient and seeking consistent returns over the long-term. The focus is on buying stocks that will perform best over a period of years. Ups in downs either in the stock itself or in the overall market don’t change the investor’s strategy because the real payoff is spread out over many years.
Buy value at a good price:
Intrinsic value is an approximate estimate of a company’s worth. Estimating the intrinsic value is one of the most important principles of value investing. Intrinsic value may be determined by various means such as discounting future cash flows, valuing the underlying value of equity, valuation through a reasonable price-to-earnings estimate, calculating stocks trading under net current asset value, or a combination of all these techniques. In essence, the intrinsic value is a rough estimate to set a benchmark to determine if a stock is undervalued or overvalued.
Keep your emotions in check:
Emotions tend to blind our investment decisions in the sense that we tend to overlook our own analysis and follow what the majority is doing. It is also a human tendency to get bogged down when the markets fall and get too elated when the markets rise, making it difficult to follow through our investment plan. Buying and selling stocks should be based on your stock strategy or investment thesis.
How to maximize wealth through share trading?
Diversification is important. You cannot be a successful investor if you’re putting money in just 1or 2 companies. To be a successful investor always determine how much you want to allocate to each class and then diversify your investments to reduce risk and increase your odds of success. Successful investors are best at diversifying their ideal risk.
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